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Below you can find dates for upcoming General Assembly Meetings and Topics!

Upcoming General Assembly meetings

2019 Schedule

March Meeting: Tuesday, March 19 in the evening (Meal at 5pm followed by Program & Meeting)


426 W Broad St .

Newton Falls, OH 44444

Ch: 330-872-7911

Presentation: Bob Moss

May Meeting: Tuesday, May 21 in the morning (8:30am registration followed by Program & Meeting)

Location: New Springfield Church

Presentation: TBA

July Meeting: Tuesday, July 23 in the afternoon

Location: NEO Retreat Center of the Church of God, Berlin Center

Presentation: Gilbert Davila-Camp Meeting Evangelist

October Meeting (Annual Business Meeting) : Tuesday, October 15 in the evening (5:30pm registration followed by a meal, program & meeting)

Location: Arlington Church of God

539 S. Arlington St. Akron OH 44306

Presentation: TBA